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Bluetooth Inductive Vest with Mini Wireless Earpiece Spy Smallest Invisible Earphone Full Kit, Free Shipping This bluetooth vest is more invisible than neckloop, which all components build inside of (when wearing vest, pls take care it, don t pull the because tiny copper ), and from outside cannot see difference normal just like vest.The microphone was built below shoulder part, so can get clear loud sound even whisper.

The induction in bottom it s easy to operate without eyes seeing. And size XXXL, made stretch cotton, could fit people. The mini wireless earpiece this kit has smaller A680, black cap skin color body, rotary design, press battery tightly, 6 holes comes louder sound. full includes 1pc battery, best original 337 battery. We never match cheap copy ensure work properly!!! This works perfectly as a hands free for you phone calls. looks an earplug antenna, slips comfortable into your ear, where no one easily detect it. You then have control device hang around neck.

Receive reject calls secretly communications. This Hands set perfect buy those who want secret conversation using mobile technology. Receive Phone Calls Secretly With earpiece, receive instructions through anyone noticing. what true agents use cheat on tests, advice when talking girls friends, scout out dangerous places whilst someone acts lookout. Because its doesn’t output high volume, however positioned ear should be able hear well enough understand what’s being said. Useful wide variety situations If test at school, use. communicate else calling you. great incredibly simple up running very quickly. It’s also extremely compact portable, neck tiny, takes hardly any room. rely cool little gadget covertly deliver information whenever want, will small are wearing. At Glance…

Bluetooth Inductive Vest with Mini Wireless A680 Earpiece Small Earphone Full Kit, Free Shipping Bluetooth-Inductive-Vest (1)

Undetectable Ear Piece – Secretly Calls High Quality Free Simple setup Multi-Function Manufacturer Specifications Bluetooth Transmitter Device Color: Black Microphone : Build in Bluetooth version: 2.1 Standard Zinc-air battery: type 337 Battery life: 5 hours Receiving distance: 50-70cm Connectors/Ports: – USB (charging) Buttons/switches: – Volume Up – Down – Power On/Off – Accept/Reject Call How turn device: Connect headset, wear , put secretly. Dimensions: 3x6x8 mm Package Contents Mini X 1 Bluetooth inductive 1 Charger 1 Brand Good quality 1

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